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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

For the past 5 years I have worked with staff from Sussex University who are initially given 6 sessions and I have seen how some people have turned their lives around. Others are offered a further 6 sessions and research shows that 3 months can make a big change. As people's lives and back stories are so different so are their needs and wishes. Many people see their therapist for two years or more because they so value the support and continued personal growth.

How will I know how long is best for me?

You and I shall talk over what is troubling you We'll explore why that might be and what the best way is to approach change.
Together we will both have a sense of when it's right to end the work. You will make the final decision.

What if stirring it up makes me feel worse?

You're looking for support because you already feel pretty low so talking it over in a confidential, safe space often helps you feel a little better straight away. Sometimes talking over very personal topics can make you feel fragile at the outset so we're looking to help that insight develop into your feeling more connected to yourself and less burdened.

Can I just give it a try?

Of course! You chose when to finish our work together although I hope you'd talk to me about it first . That way nothing is left unfinished.
The first session is to see if we think and feel we can work well together.

What does 'Integrative' mean?

"Integrative' means, I draw on a number of approaches including Humanistic, Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and Transpersonal mainly through
listening and reflection but also with dream work and journal-keeping, art and drama.

What does 'Transpersonal' mean?

The 'Transpersonal' denotes a sense of 'beyond the Self' and so allows for a spiritual, (in a personal and communal sense,) and creative influence.

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